From 8/1/1996, Luis Angel Fernández Hermana started publishing a leading article on the Internet each Tuesday, entitled, in which he analysed and reflected on the social impact of the Net. In March 1997, he founded the online magazine and, two years later, the company Right from the beginning, the articles were published simultaneously in Spanish and English. and could be consulted on the web or received free by subscription. In these articles, the author dealt with a wide range of subjects, from science, technology, education, the new economy, politics, the environment, communication, organisations and journalism, to daily events that were carving out the ways the Internet was evolving and giving form to different aspects of the Information Society, tasks in which was very active.

All the leading articles in Spanish were published in three volumes by the University Oberta de Catalunya’s publishers: Historia Viva de Internet. Los años de Now, Coladepez will publish two articles in Spanish and two in English every Tuesday, that you can consult here or receive freely by email if you subscribe. So, if all goes well, we will recover a considerable part of’s production over 4 years. From number 127, published the 7/7/1998, onwards, when the Catalan version of these articles started publication, we will add two weekly articles in this language. And from number 341, we will add the galician version.